The Newspaper Promise


We are America's Newspapers.
We are woven into the rich tapestry of this nation ...
Telling the stories of its people, its struggles and its triumphs.
Reporting on the news that matters, close to home ...
Equipping citizens with the relevant facts.
And protecting families through honest journalism.

We are the stewards of this industry.
Committed to fairness, integrity and freedom.
Upholding the First Amendment and protecting the right to a free press.

We do it because we believe that news matters.
We believe that newspapers matter.
And we believe that we have been called to speak on their behalf.

Wherever news happens ...
Wherever life happens ...
We are here.
To document meaningful histories.
To share compelling stories.
To connect a network of allies.
And to inform progress, as it happens.

We are uncompromising in our pursuit ...
Of knowledge.
Of understanding.
Of service.
Because knowledge is power.
These are the tools that can shape our world ...
And change it for the better.

We are society's mirror, truthfully reflecting the human experience.
The births. The deaths.
The losses. The victories.
The small moments that drive us ...
And the big moments that define us.

We remain firm in our mission.
Faithful to our own.
Resolutely fulfilling our duty to the people, the industry and our members.

We are ardent supporters.
Resolute advocates.
And, passionate believers in the power of newspapers.

And, we speak on your behalf.

Separate, we are many voices.  Some too small to be heard.

Together, we are one.  One voice. One message. One goal.
Louder. Stronger. Bolder.

We are the voices of America's newspapers.
Join your voice with ours ...
And be heard.