NewsGuard launches suite of AI anti-misinfo tools


A fact-checking outlet is trying to teach artificial intelligence not to unwittingly spread fake pictures, videos, and other hoaxes about Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the leadup to the 2024 election.

In an announcement first shared with Semafor, NewsGuard said this month it is rolling out a new line of services aimed at pushing back against election-related AI-generated false information, images, video, and audio. The service will attempt to ensure that foreign governments, political actors, and internet trolls cannot use AI tech to spread false information that could influence the outcome of global elections this year.

“The malign actors have really begun to perfect the art of abusing not only the open internet, but also AI,” NewsGuard CEO Gordon Crovitz told Semafor. “We’re now living in an AI enhanced internet, right? And the malign actors are producing more content, more cheaply, more targeted, and more divisive and more persuasive.”

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