Multimedia Journalist


Alexander City Outlook
Alexander City, Ala.
Date posted: September 10, 2020

The Alexander City Outlook (Alabama) is looking for a talented multimedia journalist to join our team. We want to expand our digital platform and fully explore the limits of digital coverage and need a dedicated and innovative storyteller to lead that effort. 

We have an award-winning newspaper; however, our digital product is quickly becoming the focus in our community. That’s why we need talented journalists who understand the possibilities and aren’t afraid to try new approaches to improve coverage through video, audio, infographics and social media. Most importantly, we want candidates who are constantly adapting their approach in the service of better storytelling.  

The ideal candidate would be well-versed in digital news presentation and constantly looking for the next creative element to add to a story. 

While experience in journalism is crucial, we want someone who is not content writing one story per day. We want a candidate who is committed to giving our audience the best possible coverage of the community by leveraging all the tools at our disposal. 

If you are willing to develop new skills to tell stories across multiple platforms in new and interesting ways, we want you in Alexander City. We may be considered a small paper, but we view that as an opportunity to try unique ideas and take big swings.  

We don’t just want to put our news online; we want to create an indispensable print and digital news product that tells the most complete version of every story, big or small, in our community. 

To apply:

If you think you can help us do that, send your resume, cover letter and recent work samples to managing editor Santana Wood at

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