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O’Rourke Media Group, Modulist enter into strategic partnership


O’Rourke Media Group, which operates community-focused media publications nationwide, and Modulist, a media services company that specializes in processing user-generated content, have entered into a strategic partnership that involves multiple publications in multiple states.

O’Rourke Media CEO Jim O'Rourke and Modulist President Devlyn Brooks jointly announced that Modulist will be handling the processing of obits and milestones for O’Rourke Media’s various digital and print publications that span from the East to the West Coasts, and several states in between.

The strategic partnership means that O’Rourke Media’s publications will enlist Modulist’s software and customer service team to provide an online portal for consumers, funeral homes and other businesses to quickly and easily complete their customizable listings for O’Rourke Media’s community digital and print publications. In addition, Modulist’s experienced customer success team will provide world-class support for the online portal.

Modulist’s service will include vital community content categories such as obituaries, milestones and business announcements, among others.

"We have had a great experience working with Devlyn and his Modulist team to support print and digital Obituaries and other services in number of our markets," said O'Rourke, who founded his company from scratch three years ago. "Modulist provides excellent service to funeral homes and direct to consumers. The service is efficient, and we've taken this work off of our front line folks in Editorial."

O’Rourke Media Group launched from ground zero in October 2018, and now publishes 22 newspapers in Vermont, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Mexico and Arizona. The hyper-locally focused company is built on the foundations of original reporting, high-impact journalism, community news and engagement with readers. Additionally, O’Rourke Media has an internal, full-service digital marketing agency that provides cost-effective solutions to local businesses in the communities it serves.

“Modulist was specifically built to serve local media companies just like O’Rourke Media Group. Progressive, community-minded companies that know the value and the importance of local news,” said Brooks, who founded Modulist in 2017. “We are incredibly honored to partner with another family-owned media company committed to serving all of its local communities.”

The tagline of Modulist, which also was built from ground zero by another family-owned media company, is “Publish life’s stories.” Modulist accomplishes that mission by matching people and businesses wanting to publish important milestones in their local media where their friends and neighbors can see them. Modulist has built a world-class, user-friendly online portal for consumers, allowing them to customize what they want their obituaries and other listings to look like. In addition, the company provides live customer support, meanwhile allowing publishers to keep and own all of their own community content on their own platforms.

Modulist succeeds by establishing long-term partnerships with progressive clients such as O’Rourke Media Group, helping to position them for the future by decreasing production costs and increasing revenue in integral community content categories.

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O’Rourke Media Group CEO Jim O'Rourke can be contacted by email at Modulist President Devlyn Brooks can be contacted by phone at 701-241-5545 or by email at