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How a new platform is partnering with newspapers to increase revenue, resources


Modulist team members have been providing solutions to its Forum Communications newspapers throughout North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin for more than 10 years.

Through this team’s expertise and recent innovations in software development, Modulist team leaders were able to create a platform that offers a multi-prong approach to streamline the community content process including:

  • Empowering customers to create and proof their own paid placement.
  • An automated design and layout process for page designers.
  • And several administrator features for publishers to monitor and manage their unique needs.

According to Forum Communications leaders, this system freed resources for departments to focus on vital business functions.

Read a case study showing how Modulist is partnering with newspapers to increase revenue and resources

To learn more about ways to improve the community content process and increase revenue, contact Devlyn Brooks, president, to schedule a demo: