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'Shop Saraland' special section highlights local advertisers and the benefits of supporting local businesses

Call News, Citronelle, Alabama


Call News Co-Publisher Rhonda Gray recently turned a special section template into a niche publication unique to her community. Here’s how the paper did it:

Gray contacted Metro with a request to change the “Shop Local” Themed Special Section (TSS) title to “Shop Saraland” for added impact. She then used features from the TSS, as well as her own articles, to adapt the section to her needs.

Gray’s section focused on why people should shop local and the impact it makes. With a hyperlocal focus on supporting small businesses leading up to the holidays, the section landed ad sales of all sizes from a dozen local advertisers.

Rhonda Gray, Co-Publisher/Owner
Call News & Shopper’s Plus

7870 State Street
Citronelle, AL 36522


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