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Sell it now: St. Patrick's Day

17 ways to attract new advertisers


Metro provides a spectrum of advertising services and solutions that reach and affect nearly every facet of a publisher's operation. Metro's partnership with the media industry is based on a more than century-long relationship where, together, we identify what publishers need to be successful with their advertising endeavors and Metro responds with solutions.

This month, we are offering newspapers 17 ways to attract new advertisers on St. Patrick's Day:

  1. Start a special section
  2. Run a sponsor-ready contest
  3. Promote a pub crawl
  4. Create a coupon page
  5. Sell a shaped ad
  6. Line up coloring page sponsors
  7. Pitch a "BOGO 17 Sale"
  8. Give "Shop Local" an Irish twist
  9. Multiply revenue with a double-truck directory
  10. Upsell with an infographic ad spot
  11. Network with social media tags
  12. Temp advertisers with recipes
  13. Shop around "Lucky 17 Sales"
  14. Drive online sales with web ads
  15. Focus on food and drink specials
  16. Tie in advertisements to articles
  17. Go digital with a themed site or online directory

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