America's Newspapers welcomes AffinityX into membership


America's Newspapers is honored to welcome AffinityX as  a new Solutions Partner.

AffinityX is a global leader in creative design and execution at scale for print and digital solutions, and has also established itself as a digital revenue enabler for its customers. AffinityX is a white-label solutions provider for SMB aggregators, local media and agencies that cater to SMBs, offering a full range of digital marketing products and services.  The company is fully committed to delivering unparalleled efficiency, operational savings and revenue growth for its clients. Its innovative mindset allows AffinityX to stay ahead of the curve as it constantly introduces new digital products that reflect the highest standards of the industry.  Also, its dynamic and experienced team enables the staff to be highly flexible in adapting to its partners’ needs.

David Grant is founder and executive vice president advertising services and can be reached at

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