Building high-performance sales teams takes center stage at the Mega-Conference


Learn the art of assembling and nurturing high-performance sales teams in today's dynamic media environment. From recruitment to training, from motivation to retention, the Mega-Conference sales track will provide invaluable insights and actionable practices to empower your team members and maximize their potential.

This year's Mega-Conference will be held April 14-16 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Informative, fast-paced sessions will focus on:

  • Sales optimization and scheduling
  • Modern sales training techniques
  • Compensation models that motivate
  • Building stronger sales and marketing programs
  • The results of the America’s Newspapers 2024 Advertising Effectiveness Study. Find out how local newspaper advertising stacks up against the competition in the most profitable segments!
  • Plus, using AI to build business efficiencies, driving subscriber revenue, advocating for local newspapers, protecting public notices and more.