Mega-Conference to feature interactive sales transformation workshop


Peter Lamb, who has more than three decases of sales and marketing experience, will lead a two-part interactive workshop on sales transformation Tuesday morning at the Mega-Conference.

Lamb, president of Lamb Consulting, said these sessions will focus on the "Best of the Best from around the world" and will address questions like:

  • How do we ensure that the reps optimize their time in the field ... number of quality calls, close ratio, follow ups.
  • How do managers maximize their “coaching and teaching moments” with their reps?
  • What is the methodology of launching new products, with an inordinate belief in TLC: Thinking Like the Customer?
  • How do we ensure a 20% revenue increase in 2020?

These interactive workshops are designed for publishers and advertising sales managers.  A special "bring the team" discount offers a half-price deal to newspaper publishers who want to bring one or more staff members with them.  Pay the full registration fee for the first person, and bring as many other people from the same newspaper as you want for half price!  In addition, a reduced rate of $445 is available to attendees from news media organizations that are privately owned with five or fewer employees.

Here's what your sales manager can expect in these back-to-back workshops:

Sales Transformation Workshop: Creating a team and culture for today’s sales environment
This workshop dives into the key drivers it takes to achieve a transformed sales model: Ongoing appraisals of sales team competency, recognition programs and feedback strategies, “curbside coaching” techniques and CRMs. You’ll learn how to adapt to the new sales environment and create sales campaigns that optimize revenue opportunities in a redesigned sales process. From recruiting and retaining the best sales talent, to client relationship approaches that drive better revenue and results, to the right mix of digital and print product lines — there’s money to be made in getting sales transformation right.

Sales Transformation (Part 2): Recruiting and retaining effective salespeople
Any newspaper sales executive will tell you their hardest job isn’t getting in the door, pitching a campaign or closing a deal — it’s recruiting and retaining sales superstars. This session focuses on the practical steps you can take to motivate, evaluate and reward your best salespeople so that they remain your organization’s best salespeople.

About the presenter: Lamb has worked with some of the world’s largest media companies and helped orchestrate many of their most impressive successes. As a strategy consultant, he transforms media companies to make them more efficient, more competitive and more profitable. Lamb achieves this by blending the sales skills he learned at IBM, with the sophisticated analytical techniques acquired while doing his MBA at the Harvard Business School. His game plan: placing an unprecedented focus on NEW-NEW Revenue, an approach that targets customers who have never used the client’s products and services. 

Peter Lamb