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Mather case study: Targeted churn reduction test


CLIENT: U.S. Publisher

A U.S publisher wanted to reduce churn from digital subscriptions by leveraging Mather Economics’ predictive modeling and email targeting capability.


  • Mather consultants worked with the client to install Listener and integrate with the publisher’s tech stack.
  • A four-month A/B test (50/50) was implemented targeting users with decelerating engagement.
  • A personalized email campaign was designed for the test audience based on each user’s content preference.
  • The control group did not receive an email.


  • Churn improved by 17% for the test group (churn rate of 1.73% in the control vs. 1.44% compared to the target group).
  • Engagement increased by 8% for the test group (re-engagement rate of 12.7% in the control vs. 13.8% compared to the target group).
  • Our hypothesis that digital disengagement is correlated with churn was confirmed.
  • Personalized email campaigns are an effective and low-cost method to reduce churn.

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