Sample letter to send to your local representative (seeking support as a co-sponsor)


Rep. ____________: 

I am emailing to let you know how important the Local Journalism Sustainability Act (HR 3940) is to me and how it would provide resources to this newspaper and its ability to serve our community. Your support of this important bill would be greatly appreciated. 

It’s no secret the newspaper industry has been in turmoil in recent years due to a variety of factors.  These challenges were compounded by the impact of the pandemic.  However, newspapers’ commitment to providing valuable and needed information to their readers has never faded.  

This bill has three components that will help this newspaper as it transitions to the changing needs of the readers: 

  • Payroll Credit for Compensation of Journalists
    • A five-year refundable credit for local newspapers to employ and adequately compensate journalists.
    • The credit can be up to $25,000 in the first year and $15,000 in the subsequent four years.
  • Credit for Local Newspaper Subscriptions
    • A five-year non-refundable credit of up to $250 annually to incentivize individual subscriptions to local newspapers.
    • The credit can cover 80% of subscription costs in the first year and 50% of subscription costs in the subsequent four years.
  • Credit for Advertising in Local Newspapers and Local Media
    • A five-year non-refundable tax credit that would incentivize small businesses (less than 50 employees) to advertise with local newspapers as well as local radio and television stations.
    • The credit can cover up to $5,000 of advertising costs in the first year and $2,500 in the subsequent four years. 

This bill sunsets in five years, but it will help us today as we continue our recovery from the pandemic and the disruption that has affected our industry. We are thankful to Rep. Kirkpatrick and Rep. Newhouse for recognizing the need to support local journalism by introducing this bill.  We would be equally grateful for your support as a co-sponsor.   


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