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Legacy’s consumer direct placement delivers 110k obits and $52M in revenue to newspapers

To celebrate, we’re offering free marketing resources that will boost your obituary revenue and plug editorial gaps


In late 2022, Legacy quietly embarked on a game-changing initiative to offer every consumer worldwide an easy online way to directly place an obituary in any of our 2,800 partner newspapers. This simple portal has a profound goal: to reinvigorate newspaper obituary volume by smoothing the process between a purchaser and publication. 

The results speak for themselves. To date, Legacy’s consumer intake system has delivered $52,000,000 in revenue and 110,000 obituaries to our newspaper partners. Nearly 40% of these orders came in after hours and on weekends.  

Clearly, consumers are embracing this on-demand purchasing model.  

To enhance this success, Legacy is pleased to announce a suite of new promotional resources. Free for our partners’ use, these high-quality assets will help increase your obituary volume and support your operations. 

Custom Ads

Do your readers know how easily they can place a notice online? Help remind them — and reinforce your newspaper’s role as the most important place to share end of life news — with a custom ad crafted by our marketing team. Print and digital versions are available in all sizes and multiple formats. 

Videos and Podcasts

Share the videos watched by more than 1 million unique visitors each month on YouTube! Produced by our top-notch editorial team of journalists and obituary experts, our highly-engaging content educates your readers on multiple end-of-life topics. Updated weekly.

Print and Digital Editorial

Fill any last-minute editorial gaps and expand your news desk with our library of digital and print memorial content. Ready-to-go PDFs or fully-editable Adobe files are available.

Click here to see all of our available marketing resources or email to learn more.