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Five reasons why families in your town need your newspaper


Is your community thriving? Are new businesses opening up? How’s your high school graduation rate?

Your newspaper is directly connected to the health of your community. The Kid Scoop weekly youth feature seeks to help families form strong connections with your community. Take a look at this typical Kid Scoop page.

Reason #1: Family Taxes. Your newspaper informs families of school and town problems and town budgets. In this era of Civic Media, your newspaper is central to gaining involvement and feedback from families. Kid Scoop offers opportunities for children and adults to explore and write their opinions about town issues.

Reason #2: Family Budgets. Every family has a budget. Kid Scoop provides family members of all ages smart-fun activities to practice math skills. Notice the Learning Links activity in the lower left-hand corner … directing readers all through your newspaper. They’ll find ways to save money, spend wisely, see special offers and sales from local retailers.

Reason #3: Family Reading. It’s no secret that children and adults need to increase their literacy skills. Kid Scoop provides reading activities that involve all family members, including anyone acquiring English. Newspapers in towns like Astoria, Oregon, use Kid Scoop to reach families new to America.*

Reason #4: Family Health. Your newspaper publishes health news with fact-checked information. Kid Scoop often features fun activities on how to stay healthy and safe at home.

Reason #5: Family Travel. Geography lessons start at home when families plan camping trips, visits to national parks, travel to distant relatives in the United States and abroad. Kid Scoop includes fun activities tracing travel routes and history along the way.

In your newspaper, Kid Scoop connects your town’s families, businesses, governance and education. That’s how Kid Scoop began more than 30 years ago — a 3rd-grade teacher, Vicki Whiting, asked her class, “How can we learn about our community?” The children shouted: “From our newspaper!”

*Kid Scoop Helping Parents and Children Learn English

To learn more about Kid Scoop, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at 909-793-9890.