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Build circulation with a free value-added package from Kid Scoop


A free download for teachers and home-school parents is now appearing on each new Kid Scoop weekly page. One click goes directly to a free sample of a Teacher Activity Package with seven pages of ready-to-use learning activities. The topic: The Scrub Squad — where children learn how to use soap properly to prevent colds and flu from spreading. Grab your free pages now!

Kid Scoop knows that building circulation is vital to your newspaper. Our goal is to help your newspaper reward subscribers who are parents and teachers with these free smart-fun activities children can complete at home, to extend learning beyond the school day. In the classroom or home school, teachers can use the Scrub Squad pages to supplement their science and health lessons to help children understand the how and why of preventing the spread of diseases.

And there’s more! Every week Kid Scoop provides newspaper subscribers to our youth feature with many other free resources. These include:

  • Weekly house ads to promote Kid Scoop at home and in classrooms.
  • Marketing collateral for sponsors and teachers — help for gaining sponsors for Kid Scoop and partner with classroom teachers and home-schools.
  • The Teacher Guide: This guide is available at no extra charge for teachers who use your newspaper in the classroom. The Kid Scoop Teacher guide helps teachers use the Kid Scoop feature you publish to its highest advantage for learning in the classroom … and at home!
  • Teacher Scoop: The monthly Teacher Newsletter.

Share this information with potential year-round sponsors of Kid Scoop — drug stores, medical groups, dentists, education-minded retailers, non-profit units of corporations and utilities. Our subscribers receive help with transformative sales techniques to build sponsorships, at no extra charge.

To learn more about Kid Scoop, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at 909-793-9890.