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Spring: A season for growth in reading and revenue


In every season, Kid Scoop has helped many newspapers grow new revenue from hidden sources.

As your readers plan their spring gardens, teachers are working hard so their students will finish the school year with strong growth in reading skills. Learning loss from the COVID years is still keeping many children from reaching their full potential of reading on grade level by the end of third grade. Ask your local school leaders how their students are doing, how many children still need extra help in reading.

Children who fall behind in reading at the elementary school level are at high-risk for dropping out at the high school level where reading is even more demanding.

Here’s a Kid Scoop page of smart-fun reading comprehension puzzles. These engage students in problem-solving, an important critical reading skill. This gives children extra help in reading both at school and at home. Take a look!

Talk to Kid Scoop about how to gain additional year-round funding beyond your typical spring advertisers. For example, one of our Kid Scoop weekly newspaper subscribers sent out a powerful letter to local businesses and non-profits, winning substantial new revenue. Since Kid Scoop appears in newspapers in 42 states, we hear many good ideas for raising revenue … and we’re happy to work with your newspaper for the same results. Just ask.

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