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Increase summer circulation with sharks, plankton and shellfish


Parents are always scrambling for ways to keep their children busy when school is out for the summer. And they need resources to engage their children’s minds so they don’t fall behind during the long summer break from school. As a publisher, you are always concerned with reading because you want your newspaper to be a primary read right now and into the future.

Here’s a revenue and circulation-builder, one of 12 Kid Scoop pages about the endangered oceans of our planet:

The Kid Scoop Summer Series:

These super-fun science pages include investigations of sharks, plankton, shellfish, manta rays and stingrays, sea stars, sunken treasure, creatures that glow, Hawaiian fish, walrus, clams, as well as the work of Jacques Cousteau and ocean schools! Now wouldn’t any child love the Kid Scoop puzzles and reading games about these exciting creatures of the ocean!

  • Help parents in your circulation area survive summer!
  • Help children avoid “learning loss” while having fun with your newspaper this summer!
  • Sign up to build circulation and gain revenue with this series!

Each week the 2022 Kid Scoop Summer Series connects with a national summer library program from the Collaborative Summer Library Program whose 2022 theme is “Oceans of Possibilities.”

The writer of this article is Ellen Creane. She has experience as a freelance reporter for newspapers, an ESL college instructor, a former NIE manager at three newspapers and a marketing communications professional. To reach her for your project, email Also see her LinkedIn profile.

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