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New York attorney expands his business image through Kid Scoop sponsorship


He was known just as the town’s youth soccer manager, but he wanted everyone to know he was an attorney with an historic law firm. So when the publisher of The Ravena News-Herald in Ravena, New York, offered this “secret” attorney an opportunity to sponsor Kid Scoop, Attorney Carlo A. C. deOliveira jumped at the chance.

The publisher, Mark Vinciguerra, could see that Kid Scoop would be a perfect audience fit with deOliveira’s work with youth soccer. “He wanted to get his name out there and also to be associated with his work as an attorney,” Vinciguerra says.

The publisher said attorney deOliveira is pleased with the result. “He recently renewed his six-month sponsorship at the Ravena News-Herald."

Kid Scoop sponsorships work well with organizations such as Little League — actually, any business or organization that has children and their parents as a target market, Vinciguerra told Kid Scoop.

"We researched our own News-Herald market through the Media Audit, an independent company, and discovered that 50% of the residents in our demographic have children in the home. We always want to grow our market for future readership, too, and Kid Scoop helps build the habit for newspaper reading,” Vinciguerra said.

But before he would contract with Kid Scoop, Vinciguerra asked a local librarian to review it. “She simply printed out copies of a Kid Scoop page and left them out at home. In the morning, she discovered her second-grader had done the puzzles already!” So with attorney deOliveira on board as a sponsor and his name on a law firm banner ad at the bottom of the Kid Scoop weekly page, Kid Scoop debuted in the paper last April.

Vinciguerra is also president of the National Press Institute for Audience Growth. Its team of consultants helps news media businesses with audience growth and retention, cost savings and content. It includes Kid Scoop as part of a larger marketing package for growth.

Oh, and about that “historic” law firm deOliveira works with?

Cooper Erving and Savage LLP traces its origin back to 1785. The name Cooper refers to the son and grandson of James Fenimore Cooper, the storied author of "The Last of the Mohicans" and other classic American novels. These two offspring of the writer were both attorneys and partners in the law firm that came to be called Cooper Erving & Savage.

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