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Expense reduction for newspapers: A testimonial


I have been in the newspaper publishing business for over 20 years but have learned a considerable amount about credit card merchant processing fees over the past 12 months. As more and more customers pay with credit cards, it has increased the overall dollar amount that we pay to credit card companies and that affects our advertising and circulation revenues and profitability.

Last year, M. Roberts Media, with our daily and weekly newspapers, made the decision to switch to Menio Global as our merchant processor for several reasons. The first is GREAT customer service. They take the time to truly explain everything involved with credit card processing and are readily available to answer any questions. They also provide detailed reporting that helps us monitor both circulation and advertising payments by location.

Finally, Menio Global was able to deliver on the integration with our systems so that the changes were invisible to our customers — AND the cost savings have generated thousands of dollars in recurring monthly savings on merchant fees in 2021! I am very happy with our decision to partner with Menio Global and I would recommend Menio Global to any other decision maker in the newspaper business!

Stephen McHaney is president of M. Roberts Media.

J. B. OBrien & Associates, a member of America's Newspapers, partners with Menio Global, the largest merchant processing broker in the country, to save money for newspapers. For information on how your company can save on credit card processing fees, contact Bill Cox: or 214-502-1537.