Investigating — and embracing — the AI revolution


AI might become the most transformative tool in journalism’s history, changing the way newsrooms — and their products — work.

But while AI can boost research capabilities and open new avenues for investigative journalism, historical biases in data can introduce systemic flaws in algorithms used by AI technology. Governments and corporations can — and do — employ AI in ways that can repress citizens or widen social inequalities. As AI’s game-changing tools become part of our technological infrastructure, it will become less visible, but more pervasive.

A day of AI-oriented events at the 13th Global Investigative Journalism Conference (#GIJC23) discussed how AI can help newsrooms do their jobs, how investigations have revealed the harmful impact of AI technology on communities — and how journalists should approach a topic often framed by narratives of either hype or despair. Speakers also shared tips and best practices for using and investigating AI.

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