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Subscriber retention program from GoalGetters offers attractive perks


GoalGetters has been serving the newspaper industry for more than three decades. The rewards card system has been proven highly effective for retaining subscribers and appealing to prospective subs. The low cost affords your newspaper the opportunity to be armed with a sales tool worth $500 to $1,000. How's that for an attractive subscription perk?

Enjoy dining with the family, a round of golf, a night at the movies, a salon visit, pizza, groceries or even an oil change ... all for FREE!

Your subscribers will be thanking you when they renew or subscribe.

Cards can be used every day, all year long!

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"It is my pleasure to recommend the Subscriber Appreciation Card from GoalGetters.  We experienced a significant price increase with all of our five (5) Texas newspapers and needed something quickly to offset losing valued subscribers. Al and his team rushed in and secured individual Free offers for all five newspapers within five weeks and delivered Rewards cards completed along with posters for kiosks, door sales and telemarketing. The cost was minimal. The service is outstanding!"

Charlotte Whitaker, director, audience development, CNHI


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