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FREE WEBINAR - Building Resilience: Diversification Strategies for News and Media


Wednesday, June 5

Join FT Strategies for this free webinar to accompany the launch of our upcoming research report “Building Resilience: Diversification Strategies for the News Media Industry,” where we will discuss the imperative and challenges of achieving sustainable diversified growth for news and media.

The media landscape is rapidly changing and demanding effective strategies for sustainability and growth. With continued uncertainty in the outlook for advertising and subscription growth rates starting to level off, news media companies are urgently looking for new sources of revenue generation.

Several industry peers have found ways of profitably launching new lines of business and in this webinar, we will take an in-depth look at how media companies can successfully diversify their business models to adapt and thrive. We will also share insights and diversification best practices from the Financial Times and a range of other news businesses.

The session will cover topics, including:

  • The options for news and media organizations when it comes to diversification
  • Finding your diversification “frontier”
  • Best practices to successfully execute a diversification strategy
  • Case studies from the Financial Times and other news organizations

This webinar will be recorded.  If the time does not work for you, a recording will be provided to you (if registered) — that same day.