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Unlocking growth through diversity: From reach and representation to engagement and empowerment


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FT Strategies and The Google News Initiative are proud to be publishing a new report to share insights and learnings from the Audience Diversity Academy EMEA program.

This new report provides publishers with actionable takeaways on how to enrich their audience diversity agendas and successfully address the challenges that arise along the way. More specifically, it focuses on unlocking growth with younger audiences. It outlines the learning journey and methodologies participating publishers go through during the program, and details on:

  • Key takeaways to action on  covering strategic and tactical levers to foster audience diversity and enable growth with younger segments.
  • Useful case studies on how participants have experimented with initiatives aimed at boosting diversity and empowering young voices, both internally and externally.

This report will hopefully inspire you to:

  • Future-proof your organizational strategy so that it actively considers your target audiences, as well as your workforce.
  • Track and measure what matters most to bolster your understanding of user needs and be able to not only reach but also engage your target audience effectively.
  • Reflect the audiences you are trying to reach through enhanced representation and empowerment in your workforce, thereby making your content more relevant and enabling audience growth.

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