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Frequence launches new features for local-market political advertisers in advance of 2024 elections


With an election year comes political advertising. 2024 will, of course, see a presidential election; in addition to that, 435 House seats and 34 Senate seats will be contested. Overshadowed by these high-profile races will be hundreds of local elections. To help local candidates maximize their ad spend, Frequence, a leader in advertising sales automation and workflow software, has launched a new suite of features for local-market political advertisers in advance of the 2024 political season.

‍Frequence’s integrated political solution provides customized campaign targeting through built-in capabilities designed specifically for political content, including:

  • Access to Premier Data: Local-market political advertisers can leverage Frequence’s integration with top data providers to identify and target the right audience effectively.
  • Voter Insights: Political campaign teams can utilize rich data for precise audience targeting based on geography, demographics, voter segments and more.
  • Dynamic Audience Segmentation: Teams can curate custom audiences in real-time with thousands of data variables and targeting options.
  • Unrivaled Reach: Local-market political advertisers can tap into the nation's largest DSPs for unmatched access to voters on trusted, brand-safe content.

‍“Our new features for political campaigns are best-in-class, and media companies, agencies and their local advertisers will find them invaluable during the 2024 election season,” said Matt Robles, VP of product and co-founder at Frequence. “Our integrated solution provides customized campaign targeting through built-in features designed specifically for political content while ensuring precise audience targeting based on geo, demo, voter segments and more.”

‍Political ad revenue for 2024 and 2026 is expected to grow respectively to $15.2 and $16.8 billion (U.S. dollars). With omnichannel media campaigns from Frequence, candidates can experience up to a 3X greater return on their marketing than those using a single-channel approach.

‍“Now with Frequence, media companies and agencies will have access to new political audience segment selections, targeting for partisanship, affiliations and donors, voter registration and voting habits, as well as the ability to target by ZIP code and congressional district,” said Tom Cheli, CEO. “As audiences fracture and campaigns hinge on very small margins in many cases, we can’t wait to show political advertisers what’s possible with our new and evolving technology.”

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