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Franklin News Foundation launches K-12 education news platform, Chalkboard News


The 501c3 nonprofit Franklin News Foundation, which publishes The Center Square newswire, has launched a complimentary brand, Chalkboard News, which will deliver fact-based news coverage related to public K-12 education.

As a nonprofit news organization, Franklin’s taxpayer-centered news reporting has now expanded to include a bureau dedicated to news in the education sphere, with the mission of demystifying education policy, curriculum and spending. Chalkboard News has arisen out of the unmet need for nonpartisan coverage that brings clarity to news surrounding education, rather than confusion.

True to the work that has characterized Franklin through its publication The Center Square and its podcast platform America’s Talking Network, Chalkboard News approaches news coverage from the standpoint that every American is a stakeholder in education.

“Education systems are best when they are designed to serve the student and where the education of the student is the foremost concern,” and Chris Krug, president and publisher at Franklin News Foundation.

“What transpires in public K-12 education remains a mystery to many taxpayers. For many, it was not until COVID-19 lockdowns made public K-12 education available for parents to see that they understood what their children were learning. Chalkboard News was launched to maintain this level of transparency in the days post COVID-19.”

The stories produced by Chalkboard News will be available for republication by local news outlets and distribution partners free of charge.

Through Chalkboard News, parents, teachers and stakeholders in the education system will find straighttalk, commentary-free news that informs them of real issues that impact their families, livelihoods, and communities.

“Schools and the conversations in K-12 encapsulate so much of the American experiment,” said Brendan Clarey, K-12 editor at Chalkboard News. “It’s exciting to dive into issues that profoundly concern future generations.”

As with all of Franklin’s publications, the stories produced by Chalkboard News will be available for republication by local news outlets and distribution partners free of charge. More information about these republication guidelines can be found here.

Readers can also stay up to date at or by listening to the podcast, Education in Focus.

About Franklin News Foundation:

Franklin News Foundation is a nonprofit, non-partisan news-media organization headquartered in Chicago. With a commitment to delivering reliable, unbiased news coverage, Franklin operates various media properties, including The Center Square newswire service, the Illinois Radio Network, Chalkboard News and the America’s Talking Network. Franklin’s national reputation for editorial excellence and its dedication to quality reporting set the organization apart in the media landscape.