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[It’s evident] New realities and the impact on news companies

Improve subscriber responsiveness by leveraging customer experience trends


The pandemic caused a major shift in how all businesses operate. It accelerated change in most industries — especially those already being affected by the migration away from print media to digital and the realities of "freemium" content. News companies were probably affected the most.

These new realities created the need for better communications and collaboration between member-facing staff, the back-office and the leadership team. It also quickly and clearly identified services that were better delivered via digital self-service.  At the same time, economic uncertainty created the need for aggressive cost-cutting, consolidation of operations and the optimization of service delivery processes.

Lastly, there’s the need to meet ever-changing customer expectations. New approaches are required. Today’s tech-savvy consumers demand responsive customer service. And they expect that their experience meets their needs, on their terms, using the devices they prefer.

Yet news, media and subscriber-based organizations also need to be efficient and effective in delivering their services. Enghouse Interactive’s research has identified the top five Customer Experience (CX) trends to consider as we slide into 2024. These trends include:

  • Customers want to be treated with empathy.
  • Knowledge is central to customer service success.
  • Organizations must do more with less.
  • The rise of the conscious consumer.
  • Companies must focus on the employee experience.

From Caleb Tachiki, circulation systems manager at The Seattle Times: “Enghouse CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) and CircPort IVR work great together! We have used CircPort IVR for many years and were ecstatic to hear that our CircPort IVR solution could be integrated into the CCaaS system with ease. We are very satisfied with the combination of the two systems and how they help us run our business more efficiently and effectively.”

For more insight and action plans, download the eBook summary "Navigating Change." It can help you and your organization be more responsive to your subscribers in today’s ever-changing and increasingly competitive marketplace. 

Contact Enghouse  to learn how you can quickly and cost-effectively improve your Customer Experience (CX) capabilities or reach out to Rob Dumas, sales manager – Enghouse Interactive, for more information.

Larry Ekiert is director – global content and design with Enghouse Interactive.  Enghouse Interactive acquired the business assets of VoicePort LLC in September 2022.  VoicePort is an America's Newspapers Solutions Partner.