ENC newspaper print cycle changes and more


NORTH CAROLINA — The Goldsboro News Argus, New Bern Sun Journal, Kinston Free Press, Jacksonville Daily News and Roanoke Rapids Herald are changing our print publication cycles beginning at the end of February and the beginning of March while at the same time beefing up our digital reporting and marketing opportunities. ...

In order to satisfy both and remain healthy on our bottom lines as a business, some of our newspapers such as Goldsboro, New Bern and Jacksonville are going to a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday weekend edition publication cycle. Roanoke Rapids Herald will publish Tuesdays and Saturdays. Others, like the Kinston Free Press, will be converting to a weekly Thursday publication. The newspapers that aren’t currently delivered via the U.S. Postal Service will move to mail distribution at this same time. We have also changed printers to provide better reproduction and faster distribution.

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