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Locating that client ad


Back in the days of the Mad Men-esque advertising world, advertising sales executives would need to trawl through countless publications to locate a client's ad. Once located, a copy or advert cutting would be mailed out to the client. The client could then see the position of their advertisement and have proof that it was published.

How times have changed, or have they? Large publishing companies still have issues locating client advertisements. With multiple titles, media, advertising customers and rising costs of both print and postage, this method is no longer feasible.

There are a couple of systems on the market that track advertising placements for publications. Yet many publishers are leaving these systems due to the expensive yet clunky nature of the services, which have not undergone any recent development.

EKCS has a new offering for publishers. MediaFerry eVouchering provides advertising tracking through a cloud-based workflow system. It is easy to connect with in-house systems, and once set up, it enables easy access to proof-of-print advertising. All advertisers’ information is brought together and highlights where the ads appear in the publications. Publishers can expect to see a cost savings of around 60% compared to other solutions on the market.

The solution has undergone a beta trial with a U.K.-based publisher, National World. They needed a cost-effective advertising tracking system that would enable their advertising clients to access their published ads.

With MediaFerry eVouchering, a simple feed is set up from the booking system with information that includes the client name, advert size, and x and y coordinates of its position in the publication. It’s accessible to publishers, advertisers and agencies with a 13-month archive.

To find out more, contact Jennifer Kisser, strategic solutions consultant, EKCS, North America: 1+816-550-0436 or