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The Colorado Springs Gazette partners with DataJoe to launch Best Workplaces program


The Problem:

Many small to midsize newspapers are unable to launch a Best Workplaces program because most national Workplace Survey providers either: (a) only work with publishers in top tier markets, or (b) tend to have exclusivity agreements with the largest newspaper in a given market, rendering them unable to work with other papers in a market.

The Definition:

A Best Workplaces program is an extensive, multi-phase research campaign that isolates the workplaces that are most highly rated by their own employees. Utilizing extensive online surveys directed to employees, this secure and confidential process protects employee anonymity. Local companies normally would have to pay for survey results, but the DataJoe/Gazette model was free to employers. The aggregate results yield powerful insight for employers regarding how their employees feel about the health and functionality of their workplaces. It's great for identifying strengths and also trouble spots for HR strategy and improvement. Companies with the highest employee ratings are typically honored at a banquet or event.

The program generates revenue through event sponsors that are either HR-facing or wish to be associated with the most prestigious workplaces in a local market area.

The Proposition:

The Colorado Springs Gazette reached out to DataJoe Research to see if we could help them develop and launch a Best Workplaces program, even though they operated in a smaller market.

The Result:

DataJoe worked rigorously with The Gazette to collaboratively engineer and launch a successful program. Now, having completed four years of the project, and now working on the fifth year, it has become a profitable annual franchise. Best Workplaces even had its most profitable year to date during the height of the pandemic with a virtual award ceremony instead of a face-to-face banquet.

The Expansion:

DataJoe has since expanded its Workplace Awards program into new markets. In general, the publishers utilizing this program operate in small to midsize markets, and have a (generally larger) competitor. The DataJoe program helps each newspaper harness its hyperlocality to generate strong interest and participation.

The Implication:

Even smaller newspapers can utilize a Best Workplaces program to create a franchise that yields strong profit annually. Best Workplaces also creates community buy in, attracts new advertisers, and tends to springboard more extensive advertising relationships. One of the strongest benefits for participating employers is the ability to brand themselves as a best workplace which helps employers attract and retain top talent.

The Action:

DataJoe is an entrepreneurial research company, and we'd love to brainstorm with you. We partner with the best publishers in the industry to innovate new revenue models associated with research and data. We take special satisfaction in helping small-midsize publishers capitalize on proven revenue models, and we've helped many publishers launch special sections that go from ground zero to profitable annual franchises.

View a PDF of the Best Workplaces package produced by The Gazette

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