Combating abusive AI-generated content: a comprehensive approach


Each day, millions of people use powerful generative AI tools to supercharge their creative expression. In so many ways, AI will create exciting opportunities for all of us to bring new ideas to life. But, as these new tools come to market from Microsoft and across the tech sector, we must take new steps to ensure these new technologies are resistant to abuse.

The history of technology has long demonstrated that creativity is not confined to people with good intentions. Tools unfortunately also become weapons, and this pattern is repeating itself. We’re currently witnessing a rapid expansion in the abuse of these new AI tools by bad actors, including through deepfakes based on AI-generated video, audio, and images. This trend poses new threats for elections, financial fraud, harassment through nonconsensual pornography, and the next generation of cyber bullying.

We need to act with urgency to combat all these problems.

In an encouraging way, there is a lot we can learn from our experience as an industry in adjacent spaces — in advancing cybersecurity, promoting election security, combating violent extremist content and protecting children. We are committed as a company to a robust and comprehensive approach that protects people and our communities, based on six focus areas:

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