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Case study: LINK nky modernizes public notices, achieves 100% self-serve


By leveraging Column’s technology, LINK nky successfully modernized public notices for its community, achieving 100% self-serve capability. This transition demonstrates the power of newspapers meeting the current moment and embracing the convenience of modern software.

“Governments just want the legal notice process to be more accessible. An online, self-serve process allows them to move government quickly and get information out,” explained Lacy Starling, the founding CEO of LINK nky. “Column lets newspapers provide this service to counties, without the paper having to design or develop the technology.”

“We simply told our clients what Column was all about,” Starling emphasized. “We told them: you won’t have to do five emails with us back and forth. You’ll know the price immediately. Affidavits are automated so you won’t have to wait for those. We’ll give you an easy, online experience, so you can move at the speed you want and we can still maintain transparency for our citizenry.” 

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