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Column offers three plans to help publishers meet their public notice needs


Did you know that Column now offers three distinct pricing plans to accommodate publishers of all shapes and sizes nationwide? Schedule a call with our team to find out which plan is the best fit for your paper.

Column Pro is a full-service public notice and legal ad solution that merges self-serve software with a suite of cost-saving professional services provided by Column Reps, who bring decades of experience as legal reps at newspapers across the country. Column Reps handle the entire lifecycle of public notices, from order intake and design to invoicing and customer support. Column Pro includes automated affidavits, display and pagination services — an excellent solution for publishers with limited capacity or staffing to handle all design and affidavit needs.

“There are always benefits to centralizing the operation. Column Pro lets us take the next step toward maximizing the efficiencies of our public notice business.” Manuel Coppola, publisher of Nogales International and Tucson Daily Territorial and director of legislative affairs at Wick Communications.

Column Standard focuses on unlocking staff efficiency through outsourced affidavit management. With Column Standard, newspapers can deliver a self-serve experience and take advantage of our affidavit automation services. Column handles the entire affidavit process, including notarization, so newspaper staff can stay focused on customer relationships. Publishers also benefit from having a dedicated customer success team to ensure a smooth transition and a positive experience for their clients.

“Column has positioned us to get near 100 percent of every dollar sold on legals, which has increased our payments collections by 60%. The software’s advanced features help streamline prompt payment so that we realize as much of our actual sales as possible.” Siobhan “Sam” Bennett, president and chief revenue officer of Amsterdan News, in New York, N.Y.

Column Starter provides newspapers with a self-serve experience for all public notice customers. Governments, law firms, businesses and any individual who needs to publish a notice have come to expect a modern experience with any online transaction — public notice should be no different. The Starter plan allows staff to automate routine tasks and consolidate information in one place. By empowering customers to self-serve the notice process, newspapers save time on back-and-forth email threads discussing proofs, payment terms or affidavits. With Column, you can ensure that customers stay informed and that your workflows are as efficient as possible.

“Our county treasurers were ecstatic. Column enabled them to create and place notices by themselves. Column has been absolutely necessary for our publications to compete in the digital world, and it only took a couple of weeks to integrate it with our legacy system.” Francis Wick, CEO of Wick Communications