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New case study: Wick Communications outsources public notice business with Column Pro


In a strategic move aimed at optimizing its public notice services, Wick Communications has embraced our latest professional service offering — Column Pro. 

Column Pro enables Wick Communications to benefit from a full-service solution to manage the public notice business for all 25 of its publications. This service includes access to our in-house team of public notice processing reps who bring decades of experience from working at newspapers across the country.

3 Key Benefits: Column Pro

  1. Reallocation of Staff Resources. “Being efficient about staff time is something that all of us struggle with. With Column Pro, we’ve been able to reassign staffers for better operational efficiencies." 
  2. Cost Savings. “Column’s team broke it down for us. What we’re doing now, and how they’ll be able to help. Every little bit counts." 
  3. Operational Stability. “With Column Pro, we have a single point of contact for public notices, so we can quickly and easily trace back any issues. This strengthens customer experience and lets us stay on top of aging. Column Pro gives us that security."