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Pennsylvania joins the Column Partner Program!


We are delighted to announce the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association (PNA) as the newest member of the Column Partner Program. The PNA marks the ninth new state association to join our Partner Program in 2021 alone.

"Public notices are an essential component of an informed and engaged citizenry. These notices provide access to the information Pennsylvanians need to be actively involved in the government decision-making that affects their everyday lives," said Brad Simpson, president of PNA. "With Column, our association and members will deliver innovative technology to support public notice now and into the future — starting with an exciting upgrade to, making our website more user-friendly. We are delighted to join Column's Partner Program, alongside many of our association colleagues."

We will be working closely with PNA on making critical improvements to the accessibility of its statewide public notice site as well as adding improved search and alert functionality for the public. We look forward to working with the PNA staff and their members on the upcoming transition! Read more about the announcement.

Public Notices:

  • We sponsored the NAM Legislative Conference! This week, the Newspaper Association Managers met in Washington, D.C. for the annual Legislative Conference. We enjoyed meeting with our association partners and with many others.
  • We launched new publisher features! Our product team rolled out a dynamic set of new tools to help publishers and their customers adapt to holiday deadlines for their upcoming publications. We also enhanced editing capabilities within notice orders.
  • We welcomed new hires and opened more roles! This month, we welcomed new team members across Growth, Product, Engineering, Operations and Customer Success. We also opened a number of new roles! Check them out at

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