Cole McNeely promoted to VP of audio and video at Franklin News Foundation


Franklin News Foundation is proud to announce the promotion of Cole McNeely to the position of vice president of audio and video. In this leadership role, McNeely will play a pivotal part in overseeing, managing and leading the strategic direction of the company's audio and video production efforts, as well as driving the productization of content to create and maintain revenue opportunities for the foundation and its for-profit interests within the organization.

As the youngest person to be named vice president in the history of Franklin News Foundation, McNeely, at the age of 27, stands as one of the youngest executives in the media industry. Since joining the foundation in 2021, he has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership and innovation.

In his previous role, McNeely was instrumental in leading the launch of America's Talking Network, a significant venture for Franklin News Foundation. Since its inception in late 2021, the network has garnered remarkable success, tallying up hundreds of thousands of plays. Noteworthy podcasts under his guidance include "Future of Freedom" (peaked at #9 on Apple's US Politics Chart in 2023), "Everyday Economics" (peaked at #86 on Apple's US News Commentary in January 2023), and "Education in Focus" (peaked at #9 on Apple's US News Chart in 2023).

McNeely's promotion to vice president of audio and video is a testament to his exceptional skills, dedication and accomplishments within the organization. In this new role, he will provide oversight to multimedia producers, ensuring alignment with overarching foundation goals, objectives, strategies, plans and activities. Additionally, he will lead the development and oversight of content creation and distribution in collaboration with the chief content officer and the vice president of syndication.

Chris Krug, CEO of Franklin News Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm about McNeely's promotion, stating, "Cole McNeely's rise within our organization is a testament to his work ethic, innovative mindset and successful launch of America's Talking Network. We are confident that in his new role as vice president of audio and video, Cole will continue to elevate our multimedia production efforts, build strong client relationships and further enhance the value proposition offered by Advanced Digital Media, America's Talking Network and Illinois Radio Network."

McNeely's appointment marks a significant milestone for both him and Franklin News Foundation, highlighting the foundation's commitment to recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent within its ranks.