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The state of publisher subscriptions


Publishers have realized that diversifying their revenue is critical to running a successful business. With the uncertainty of the ad market, generating direct audience revenue through subscriptions has become a focus. However, it’s one thing to launch a subscription business and another to run it.

In collaboration with The Rebooting, we set out to gain a deep understanding of publishers' journey in building and optimizing subscription programs. We surveyed 201 publishers and compiled the results in a report: "The State of Publisher Subscriptions."

Whether you're a seasoned publishing professional or just starting to explore the world of subscriptions, this report holds invaluable information that can help shape your strategy for years to come.

The findings are nothing short of illuminating:

  • Solid Growth: A majority of publishers are still seeing solid growth, if not the hyper growth of early days.
  • Revenue Diversification: Revenue diversification has become the primary goal for publishers looking to secure their future.
  • Subscriber Battle: Publishers are waging a two-front war to attract new subscribers to combat churn.

Access your complimentary copy of "The State of Publisher Subscriptions" report today. We look forward to empowering your success with these valuable insights.