Associated Press cements the AI era with newsroom guidance

Weeks after announcing a partnership with OpenAI, The Associated Press urges caution in using — and reporting on — generative AI tools


The Associated Press has released guidance on how it uses generative artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT and will update its AP Stylebook to reflect a new era for newsrooms.

“Accuracy, fairness and speed are the guiding values for AP’s news report, and we believe the mindful use of artificial intelligence can serve these values and over time improve how we work,” said Amanda Barrett, AP vice president for standards and inclusion, in a news release.

The internal guidelines, which stress the importance of human editing, warn about the myriad pitfalls of generative AI: its tendency to “hallucinate” and produce misinformation, the ease at which bad actors can produce disinformation and privacy issues concerning what users put into ChatGPT.

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