Artificial intelligence in the news: How AI retools, rationalizes and reshapes journalism and the public arena


Despite growing interest, the effects of AI on the news industry and our information environment — the public arena — remain poorly understood. Insufficient attention has also been paid to the implications of the news industry’s dependence on technology companies for AI. Drawing on 134 interviews with news workers at 35 news organizations in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany — including outlets such as The Guardian, Bayerischer Rundfunk, The Washington Post, The Sun and the Financial Times — and 36 international experts from industry, academia, technology and policy, this report examines the use of AI across editorial, commercial and technological domains with an eye to the structural implications of AI in news organizations for the public arena. In a second step, it considers how a retooling of the news through AI stands to reinforce news organizations’ existing dependency on the technology sector and the implications of this.

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