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Modernizing the U.S. news report


The Associated Press is taking steps to make its U.S. news report more visual and digital friendly to help local newsrooms thrive in an increasingly digital environment.

In the weeks ahead, AP will begin producing more video, photos, audio and graphics, as well as explanatory content and localization guides to help customers make major stories local news.

We will also make available AP StoryShare, a platform that allows local outlets to share plans and content with one another, to members in all 50 states.

“These changes are really about the AP doubling down on our commitment to news for the U.S. states,” said AP Executive Editor Julie Pace. “What we’re doing is providing the content and capabilities our member news organizations need to really meet their audiences where they are, which is in a digital space.”

AP maintains an unrivaled U.S. footprint with a reporter in every statehouse.

Pace talks about the upgrades in this AP video: