America's Newspapers welcomes Vistar Media as new member


A warm America's Newspapers welcome to one of our newest members:

OOH (out-of-home) campaigns inform, entertain, attract — and they can change the course of someone’s afternoon. Vistar Media facilitates that serendipity hundreds of thousands of times a day.

Their goal is simple: to help marketers leverage OOH’s unique ability to motivate and delight. Persuade and captivate. Stand out and blend in. Through a truly intelligent platform that hosts the world’s most extensive OOH inventory, Vistar Media provides the scale, data and expertise that allow brands to capture a better, gentler kind of attention.

Vistar Media believes that OOH is both timeless and future-proof. Why? Because it speaks to the human need to look up and around, but it’s always evolving and improving, infusing novelty into everyday life and opening up new opportunities. With Vistar, OOH is not only the most enduring channel in media, it’s also getting better every day.

Vistar Media currently partners with more than 500 media companies that are using its platform.

Connect with Carlin Jessop, marketing manager, North America, at

Welcome to membership!