America's Newspapers welcomes Xalok as new member


A warm America's Newspapers welcome to one of our newest members:

Xalok is a leading company in content management for media.  They offer a robust and comprehensive CMS that enables media outlets and other organizations to effectively manage their online content.

CEO David Torres says, "Our CMS is specifically designed to meet the needs of the publishing industry, providing tools and features tailored to the unique challenges and requirements of this market.  From publishing articles and news to managing multimedia content, our CMS provides a comprehensive platform for creating, editing and distributing content efficiently and effectively."

Moreover, he said Xalok stands out for its focus on usability and ease of use.  He said, "Our interface allows users, from editors to administrators, to work smoothly and seamlessly, thus maximizing their productivity and efficiency."

Xalok is trusted by leading media brands worldwide, such as Huffington Post and El Mundo in Spain; Corriere della Sera in Italy; and Clarín, El Tiempo and Milenio in Latin America, among 50 other clients, also including TV and radio stations. 

Xalok belongs to Hiberus, the fastest-growing technology company in Spain. It develops software for 42 areas of competence such as banking, retail, ecommerce and, of course, media. The company employs more than 3,000 people in 29 offices around the world, including the United States.

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