America's Newspapers welcomes new member: Stibo DX


Stibo DX works with media enterprises all over the world, from the world's biggest media groups to national broadcasters. Their media enterprise platform, CUE, maximizes profitability and scalability by streamlining content creation, asset management, multi-channel distribution and product innovation.

They have products ranging from CMS and DAM to Print — and are soon releasing Autopilot, their new AI solution, that connects multiple AI offerings chosen across all their products with a focus on AI governance. They focus heavily on community engagement and, as a customer, you get to join in on customer advisory boards, user groups and their annual CUE Days event — giving you the chance to make an impact on product roadmaps and future innovations.

Stibo DX has +200 employees and is part of the Stibo Group, a foundation-owned corporate entity founded in 1794 in Aarhus, Denmark. Being part of a stable enterprise group ensures a long-term view of business and customer relationships that goes way back to the 1980s.

Connect with Paul Mrozinski, global sales director, at or on LinkedIn.

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