America's Newspapers welcomes new member: Flip-Pay


A warm America's Newspapers welcome to one of our newest members:

Flip-Pay is an established, complete and scalable content monetization platform with customers and successful use cases all over the world. Flip-Pay is bringing its award winning platform (recent winner of the Digiday Best Subscription Platform award) to newspapers, publishers and content providers in North America.

When Flip-Pay says "complete," they mean that they can help publishers simplify a complex and disjointed tech stack with their end-to-end platform. When they say "scalable," they mean they can strengthen an existing tech stack by integrating their tools with multiple systems that can be used instead of their platform.

Ranging from testing subscriptions, trial offers, paywalls, reg walls, daypasses, memberships or voluntary contributions for the first time or improving existing content monetization models, Flip-Pay optimizes and improves content monetization with advanced machine learning systems that reduce paid readership churn and convert non-paying visitors to paid through segmentation and personalized messaging and offers. Flip-Pay can drive results and incremental revenue for newspapers of all sizes.

Rick Vandervoorn is vice president, business development - North America, and can be reached at

Welcome to membership!