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Alliance for Audited Media launches web/social media data verification program

Streamlined program will enhance digital transparency


The Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) is launching an automated digital assurance program to streamline the reporting and distribution of AAM-verified web and social media data. AAM developed the program to make it easier for publishers to report cross-media data and to increase the universe of verified digital data available to media buyers. 

“Since last year’s merger between AAM and BPA Worldwide, our team has worked to increase exposure for publishers who are committed to providing verified, transparent data across channels,” said Tom Drouillard, AAM CEO and managing director. “This streamlined process will help get validated digital web and social media data into buyers’ hands more quickly and with minimal effort from publishers.”

AAM automatically collects, filters and validates the web and social media data monthly to provide publishers and buyers with an accurate look at these digital metrics. Publishers are alerted if any anomalies, such as increased bot traffic, are detected. This data is then integrated into publishers’ AAM Brand View profiles, which are housed in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center and include other verified publisher data and advertising information.

All AAM-audited publishers can report web and social data to feature in their complimentary Brand View profiles as an added benefit of being part of AAM. Media buyers are increasingly interested in accessing verified digital data.

“Accessing a 360° view of a media brand is becoming increasingly important to us," said Gwen Maass, senior vice president of media at Rise, a Quad agency, and a member of the AAM board of directors. "Including multiple datasets in one easy-to-access source like Brand View reduces fragmentation and makes it easier to plan media.”

Nearly 300 publishers currently share cross-media data in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center, which is the industry’s leading source for verified media data. The average number of page impressions for AAM publishers reporting web data totals more than 3 million.

About the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM):

As the largest not-for-profit media assurance organization, the Alliance for Audited Media delivers impartial, credible data to help media buyers buy and sellers sell. AAM works alongside the media and advertising industry to establish standards that can be verified independently, ensuring the legitimacy of the businesses that drive media's progress. AAM also provides verification for compliance programs including brand safety, privacy, sustainability and tech assurance. Learn more at