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Alliance for Audited Media, Ad Fontes Media partner to launch Media Bias Chart for audited publishers

Ad Fontes rates AAM-audited publishers as least biased, most reliable sources of news and information


The Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), a not-for-profit media auditor, and Ad Fontes Media, a leader in media bias intelligence and the creator of The Media Bias Chart®, have launched an interactive chart listing political media bias and reliability ratings for AAM-audited publishers. There are more than 200 publishers included on the initial chart with the goal of adding all AAM news and consumer magazine media publishers by summer 2023.

“We are proud to partner with Ad Fontes Media to visually showcase the strength of AAM-audited publishers and their commitment to creating trustworthy, reliable content,” said Tom Drouillard, AAM CEO, president and managing director. “This partnership demonstrates another step AAM has taken to elevate publishers committed to providing quality news and information.”

As concerns about misinformation and brand safety continue to grow, it is critical for advertisers and consumers to gain a deeper understanding of the trustworthiness and reliability of news sources. Ad Fontes’ media bias rating system assesses whether sources are creating reliable, impartial content. Inclusion on the AAM chart is a complimentary benefit available to AAM publisher clients.

“Overall, AAM-audited publishers tend to be among the most reliable, trustworthy news sources we rate across the news landscape. It appears that their commitment to quality and transparency, which they exhibit in part by being AAM members in the first place, carries over into their news content,” said Vanessa Otero, founder and CEO of Ad Fontes Media. “They consistently receive scores that indicate they are more reliable and less biased than so many other news sources out there.”

The chart is available on AAM’s website and in AAM’s Media Intelligence Center. Ad Fontes also offers paid access tiers for additional data availability on its data platform and a certification for publishers. While the AAM chart features publishers audited by AAM, The Media Bias Chart® includes ratings for news sources from across the marketplace including print, broadcast, digital, CTV and podcasts. AAM is also working on plans to include ratings for AAM publishers in individual AAM publisher profiles.

To learn more about the program and view the AAM media bias chart, visit

About Ad Fontes Media:

Ad Fontes Media is the media bias intelligence leader and producer of The Media Bias Chart® which rates media sources in terms of political bias and reliability. The company was founded by patent attorney Vanessa Otero with the mission of rating all the news to positively impact the media ecosystem. In 2021, Ad Fontes Media launched its flagship Ad Fontes Data Platform, a family of integrated media bias intelligence solutions. The Data Platform allows Ad Fontes Media’s brand, media, and media technology partners to leverage its comprehensive news source ratings so they can engage with them in real-time in media planning. To learn more, visit

About the Alliance for Audited Media:

The Alliance for Audited Media powers transparency and collaboration between North America’s leading media professionals. With more than 100 years of experience in print and digital media audits, AAM is the industry’s recognized leader in cross-media verification with unparalleled expertise across all brand platforms including web, mobile, email and print. Today AAM offers an avenue for media buyers and sellers to connect, forge relationships and transact with trust by delivering authentic, credible data. To learn how AAM brings trust and transparency to today’s media ecosystem, visit