Generative AI: The latest innovations and setting guidelines to maintain trust with sources, readers


Local news publishers need to push through the hype and the fear and realize they have NO choice but to think about Generative AI now. Generative AI is no substitute for human reporters. Still, the wave of new tools will be critical in assisting reporters in finding stories, enabling customization/personalization for news customers, and helping publishers with advertising and subscription offerings.

This session at the Senior Leadership Conference will highlight the latest innovations in AI and, most critically, the need for publishers to set clear guidelines for use to maintain trust with their sources and audiences.

Our presenter is Jeremy Gilbert, Knight Professor in Digital Media Strategy at the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University.

Gilbert's work and research focuses on the content and revenue strategies of existing and emerging media companies. He explores the intersection of technology and media, employing a human-centered design process to examine how new tools and techniques will affect the creation, consumption and distribution of media.