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AffinityX: Driving measurable results for our partners and SMBs


At AffinityX, we provide technology-agnostic, digital advertising solutions that are customized to suit our partners’ and their advertisers’ businesses. These solutions are designed to rapidly increase our partners’ revenue, while simultaneously supplying their advertisers what they need to compete in this ever-evolving market.

We believe it’s not enough to offer capabilities and glowing promises. But, what really matters is the ability to drive quantifiable success. Our campaign metrics speak for themselves.

Recently, we worked with a local media company and one of its clients, an auto dealership, located on the East Coast. This dealership in the U.S. wanted to elevate its inventory exposure, increase website traffic and boost vehicle sales. This dealership aimed to utilize intelligent data to target car shoppers in the local market.

Our team combined the power of intelligent smart pixel data and the key targeting metrics important to the dealership in order to establish a multi-tactic campaign that would deliver results. This solution was specifically developed to achieve the objective of driving additional website traffic and eventually boosting overall sales:

The dealership was able to achieve a 60.3% increase in new users to its website, upped its conversion rate by 81.4% and experienced a 42.9% boost in organic traffic. The significant increase this campaign has brought to the dealership also resulted in nearly 100 cars sold over the course of three months ... with 40 cars in one month alone!

AffinityX’s success is not just relegated to SMBs, but also to our local media company and agency partners. Just ask Josh Richardson, our partner at Influence Digital Agency: 

Josh Richardson

"I have been in the marketing and advertising business for 25 years. I have had the opportunity to work with many different digital vendors both internally and externally during my years with the media industry. I have helped legacy media companies transform their efforts from their previous media focus to their current digital focus. I met AffinityX for the first time in 2018 when I took a position with a major broadcasting company and was tasked with finding the right partnerships with a fulfillment company for digital media to meet and exceed the market expectations given to me. After interviewing several of the top digital vendors in the space, I chose AffinityX for its superior product and fulfillment offerings. From the very beginning, they treated me with attention and respect. They helped me to train my staff and implement the process for this company from sales to execution and retention. We celebrated 1,500% growth in digital revenue within the first two years. When I joined my agency, I was thrilled to be able to continue to work with AX. I have been able to use their resources to become profitable within the first six months of business and still receive the highest level of personal attention and support I have come to expect from them. I would highly recommend them to any agency or media group looking for a digital vendor partnership." Josh Richardson, Sales Director, Influence Digital Agency

At AffinityX, the rubber meets the road. We help our partners GENERATE REVENUE with a 50% increase in average order value, a 30% increase in sales closing rate and 120% average digital growth rate. We’ll help our partners REDUCE COSTS with an average cost reduction of 40%. And our digital CAMPAIGNS OUTPERFORM INDUSTRY BENCHMARKS. Our Programmatic Campaigns deliver a 50% better CTR performance than the industry. Our Social Media Campaigns deliver a 70% better CPC and 45% better CTR. Our OTT Campaigns boast a 98% completion rate (vs 96% industry average). Plus, our PPC campaigns deliver a 26% better CTR and 59% lower CPC.

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As a global leader in providing white-labeled digital marketing services, AffinityX is deeply committed to helping leading brands with small business customers and small businesses themselves grow through tech-enabled, data driven solutions. We provide virtually unlimited scale in operations simplifying the complexity of digital advertising that results in faster turn times and predictable quality and performance.