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Affinity's outsourcing customers: Who are they? How does it work? Is it all or nothing?


Affinity customers represent every part of the media business:

  • Small dailies with only one to three art staff.
  • Group of 10 to 15 community papers that need someone to dummy and layout their papers or do special sections.
  • Smaller community papers that want to focus on content and need a service or people to pretty much produce the entire paper. All pre-press and production operator roles can be covered by Affinity, so customers have the latitude to focus on goals.
  • Large single location dailies with four to six great designers that have high staff turnover due to their urban location.
  • Companies short on digital creative experience beyond simple static ads that need animation, HTML5, video.
  • Large decentralized groups with 100 to 300 pubs or more that need national centralized performance, tech management and cost savings of 30 to 50%.

Why do media companies use Affinity?

  • Expensive hardware/software desktops to maintain and keep up-to-date for digital work.
  • Difficult to retain younger or least experienced staff.
  • Want sales reps to have the best tools and services — fast predictable delivery with the best tech.
  • Reduce the breakeven point — the cost per hour is usually 35 to 50% less.
  • Focus on content creation and let Affinity do all the production.
  • Affinity’s tech experience/solutions: In a world moving to the cloud, why maintain this part of the business?
  • Customers presently have low tech, inefficient systems to produce with.
  • Affinity has a very pure digital experience in producing and growing revenue. We’ve watched and learned the right ways to achieve your goals.

Is it all or nothing? Affinity almost always is sharing work in some way with local teams. They become your team as if we are in the next room or down the hall.

  • Almost all of Affinity’s customers share work with Affinity. It can be one or two full time assignments to Affinity to fill in gaps like dummying or editorial page design. Affinity can supplement any role on any shift.
  • You need a digital creative expert to work with your print team, but can still help your print design staff.
  • In ad production — Affinity’s customers work together on the same system scheduling and allocating work simultaneously all day long.

 Start small — really small — to test how it works, as well as our Affinity skill sets.

 AffinityX is dedicated to the local media industry.   We are committed to your present and future success, and to help you evolve and grow your tightly-knit business successfully.

David Grant is founder and executive vice president advertising services and can be reached at