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Oregon papers meet revenue target on new project, with ANC's help


Publishers and sales executives are seeking revenue solutions that commit advertisers to products that work. Newspapers remain the best curators of information and Advantage Newspaper Consultants recently put its knowledge of how to connect revenue and content to work for EO Media Group.

EO Media Group is headquartered in Salem, Oregon, and owns daily newspapers in Astoria Bend, Baker City, LaGrande and Pendleton, Oregon, along with weekly newspapers in Oregon and southwest Washington, as well as Capital Press, a regional agricultural publication.

Its newspapers in the eastern part of Oregon saw an opportunity to create an event-driven A&E publication for readers and advertisers and brought ANC in to assist. Karrine Brogoitti, publisher of The Observer (LaGrande) and the Baker City Herald and regional sales director (Eastside) of EO Media Group, called on ANC to help develop the revenue plan.

“Our company has successfully partnered with ANC on several different projects over the years — including other A&E publications,” said Brogoitti.  “It was natural for us to reach out and ask for their help and support as we moved forward with the relaunch and expansion of Go! Eastern Oregon into community markets that weren’t familiar with the publication.”

ANC worked hand-in-hand with the newspaper staff to design a go-to-market presentation that gives advertisers a strong idea of the publication and key places for them to advertise. The newspaper ad reps were coached by ANC to make the necessary calls to set appointments. The goal is to always sign 52-week contracts.

“We work with newspaper reps to set solid appointments,” said ANC’s Al Getler.

With a well-designed publication, a financial target and focus, ANC worked with the EO Media team to produce the desired results. With a high success of closes, the revenue target was attained.

“It was another successful effort for everyone involved — my reps, our community newspapers and ANC’s team.  My sales team made excellent, qualified appointments with solid prospects and ANC’s team delivered the focused, top-notch support I’ve come to expect from them.  They make the ‘four-legged’ sales call FUN.  And that aside, I have yet to finish out a campaign with them that hasn’t exceeded my revenue expectations,” said Brogoitti.

ANC provides focus for all print, digital and special projects that publishers and revenue executives need to hit their financial objectives.

“Partnering with companies like EO Media makes our work so enjoyable,” said Getler. “This team never stops inventing new revenue streams. We encourage publishers and revenue executives to give us a call.”

Contact ANC to discuss your revenue plans and a way for them to provide focus to your team. ANC media analysts work side-by-side with your reps to produce not only revenue results, but they also provide sales training along the way. Call ANC at 910-323-0349 or visit them at