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Ramp up the profitability of your digital sales


Have you paused to consider how your digital advertising sales contribute to profit growth? For some businesses, digital sales represent their most lucrative revenue stream, while for others, it’s the opposite. So, what businesses make their digital sales the most profitable, and how are they doing it?

When it comes to digital sales, the most successful companies focus on selling high-margin products and implementing cost-control measures. However, sustaining profitability over the long term can be challenging. Recently, AdCellerant joined Gordon Borrell of Borrell Associates in a webinar on increasing long-term digital profits. Leveraging both Borrell's recent research and AdCellerant’s experience, this webinar explored how the most successful local media companies enhance margins and effectively manage expenses. 

In this webinar, Borrell and the experts at AdCellerant gave some groundbreaking insight on:

  1. A level-set on profitability expectations 
  2. How to "sell healthy"
  3. Building a framework
  4. Product mixes that boost performance and profit

Watch the recording: Ramping Up the Profitability of Digital Sales

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